Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Traveling!

Hola Todas;

Here are pictures of the wiring that on the telephone lines here in Quito. I think that some of the line have over a hundred lines on them. I don't know how they tell which is which.

The other pictures are of when we went to Tulcan, Ibarra, and Otavalo. The Indigenious Indians are demonstrating against the government for getting ready to pass un Ley de Aqua(Lay of Water) which the Indigenious disagree with because they feel it threatens their rights to water in the country. The indigenious have been putting road blocks all over the country. We ran into one going north and our bus driver said he wasn't going any further and told us to get off the bus and walk up further where other buses were stopped and see if we could get a ride on them to our destination. So we went walking right through the police lines and up until we found a bus going to Tulcan. We got on the bus and about 30 minutes later they leader of the Indigenious called it quits and they cleared the highway. Now this roadblock was at a intersection of three highways and so there were about 40 buses and 50-60 trucks and cars so it took about 30 more minutes to get everyone headed in the right direction.

It is now starting to get a little more violent with injuries and arrests. We hope they will get their issues resolved before someone gets killed.

Thats all from Quito Ecuador.


Hermana y Elder Curtis

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