Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Amazon Jungle

Nosotros tenamous fotos nuevo por ustedes a mira a.

The Mission President opened up a new area in the mission and created a branch in Coca. This is a city of about 80,000 people that is located Southeast of Quito about 300 miles. It sits on the edge of the Amazon Jungle.

There are two rivers that go around the city. They are the Napo River and The Coca River. These two rivers converge into one and then empty into the Amazon River about a 100 miles East.

We have two Elders in Coca and the President asked us to fly over and find an apartment for them and to furnish it.

These pictures are of our adventure over there and in a small way tell the story of what we seen.

The branch is small, about 60 members and the meetings are held in a house that was donated to the Church by a very wealthy man whose wife is a member. Our meeting on Sunday was very humble. Hermana Curtis offered prayer in two meetings and I offered prayer in one meeting.

September Events

We finally got our attachment back on for our E-Mail so now we can attach photos.

We have more volcanos, pictures of our missionaries at work and here at our apartment for dinner. They do like to wear my hats. Pictures of Banos a little city that sits in the bottom valley with volcanos all around, A man pulling taffy, One of our Senior missionaries eating Qwee (Guinea Pigs this is a delicacy here in Ecuador. How could anyone eat our pets) Also you see them how they are cooked. Also, many more photos. No we are not on vacation down here. We work an average of 10-12 hrs. a day and travel 75% of our time to cities all over in Northern half of Quito. Next week we are going to La Coca which is on the edge of the Amazon Jungle to find an apartment and furnish it for two missionaries that just started there. We will send you pictures of that when we get back.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Promise made to Quito Ecuador by President Kimball

We went to the Panecillo yesterday as a Sr. Missionary Group and Office Assistants and after touring around we found a grassy area that overlooked the South end of the Quito valley. It is a hill in the middle of Quito, Ecuador with the Panecillo or special Angel standing on top and looking over the city. We sat down and Hermana G. read this event and then we bore our testimonies. It was a very special day for us and so we wanted to share it with all of you.

Mas Fotos!

Here are more photos looking down from the Panceillo on Quito as well as photos of Banos which is at the foot of Tungerhaua the most active volcano in Ecuador. The meat that Elder Ward is eating is Kwee which is Guinee Pig. This is a treat here in Ecuador. Also, a man pulling taffy. Two indigenous women walking down the street, Note how they plant crops right up the sides of the mountains.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Volcano Pictures

Here are some of the photos we took when we were in Banos and Rio Bamba the last time.
The volcanos are:

1. Chimborazo

2. Tungurahua ( This was the one in Banos that was erupting for the last several weeks but was quiet when we took the picture.

3. Sangay

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 2009 Events

We have had quite a week with New Missionaries, Zone Leader and District Leader training and so the Senior Missionaries decided we needed to take a break for a day and so we went to Otavalo. This is a main city for an indigenous Indian people. The Church is very strong there. They are a very humble people. The have a waterfall and a huge Market. So we went there to see the falls and shop at the market. Also, we have included some pictures of our Missionaries in the Rio Bamba Plaza doing presentations. We enjoyed meeting people and then taking them to the missionaries to teach them. Oh yes. And to finish celebrating the 4th of July, we took pictures of the Flag at the Embassy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Good-Bye's and Airport 1/17/2009

Elder and Sister Curtis were able to come home Friday night before catching an early flight Saturday morning, so we decided to have one last farewell party. Elder Curtis is out of his suit because he had to have it dry cleaned. :)

Mitch, Melissa, Cayden, Weston, Ty and Sage with grandma and grandpa

Russ, Lori, Adyson, and Blake

Scott, ShaRee, and Mya

Weston giving grandma one last hug good-bye

Off to the airport! Their flight was leaving at 8:20 so they had to be to the airport by 6:00AM. Sister Curtis is trying to keep up with her companion :)

That's a lot of luggage! Two bags weighed over 60 pounds!

Last huggies from Mya...

Adios! (Notice the employee posing in the background- goofball)

One last look from the escalator for Mya to blow a kiss. Love you guys! We know you will be awesome missionaries!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Entered MTC on January 5th, 2009

Leaving the house at 9:30 to be to the MTC right on time! :)

Entering MTC doors...

Elder and Sister Curtis' cozy dorm room!
Preparing for their apartment in Ecuador haha

The wall that Mitch wanted to take a picture of for some reason...

Waving good-bye

Adios y buena suerte!