Tuesday, October 13, 2009

September Events

We finally got our attachment back on for our E-Mail so now we can attach photos.

We have more volcanos, pictures of our missionaries at work and here at our apartment for dinner. They do like to wear my hats. Pictures of Banos a little city that sits in the bottom valley with volcanos all around, A man pulling taffy, One of our Senior missionaries eating Qwee (Guinea Pigs this is a delicacy here in Ecuador. How could anyone eat our pets) Also you see them how they are cooked. Also, many more photos. No we are not on vacation down here. We work an average of 10-12 hrs. a day and travel 75% of our time to cities all over in Northern half of Quito. Next week we are going to La Coca which is on the edge of the Amazon Jungle to find an apartment and furnish it for two missionaries that just started there. We will send you pictures of that when we get back.

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